The Creepiest Cemeteries in Virginia

Traversing a necropolis’ winding paths can be an unnerving experience, especially when the light begins to fade and fog rises among the crooked tombstones. Is that a mournful figure in the distance, or are you alone? For many Virginians, cemeteries are a place to visit loved ones long past, but an adventurous few hope to encounter something otherworldly.

Creepiest Places in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia has been called the birthplace of presidents, with storied history around every corner. But with this history comes specters of the past, specters that creep and groan from every shady crevice. Only the limits of your imagination can protect you from the phantasmal horrors at the creepiest places in Virginia.

Most Haunted Plantations in Virginia

Hidden away down tree-shaded lanes, stately manors remind passersby of a bygone era when parasol ladies in bright dresses strolled past enslaved workers tilling the fields. Today they are historic sites, museums, or private homes, but something from the past remains. Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of a smokey figure at one of these most haunted plantations in Virginia.