Missing: Rodney Kiser

Rodney Lynn Kiser had seen better days. In his 20s, he was a Dickinson County Sheriff’s deputy. By 1990, the jovial 32-year-old was helping his brother run the H&G Market in the old southwest Virginia coal mining community of Trammel. He lived in a rental trailer near his mother and sister, often visiting a second trailer he owned to tinker with old cars. On April 26, 1990, he allegedly told his girlfriend he was going to Alexandria to visit his brother, and may have been involved in petty theft. A week later, his 1983 Dodge Ram pickup mysteriously appeared at his second trailer with its keys in the ignition. His family saw blood smeared inside the trailer and called the sheriff. Rodney, however, was gone. For over two decades, this case has sat unsolved and Rodney’s body has never been found. If you have any information about Rodney Kiser’s disappearance, please contact the Dickenson County Sheriff’s Office at (276) 926-1600.