Unsolved: Margaret Fetterolf

For 45 years, she was known as the “Woodlawn Jane Doe” (until being positively identified), but her murderer has never been caught. Margaret A. Fetterolf was an Army brat, born in Japan in 1959 to Nobuko Yoshida and John “Jack” Fetterolf. In 1975, she was attending Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Virginia. Although Margaret was only 15 years old, she ran away that summer and seemed to vanish. Over a year after her disappearance, on Sunday, Sept. 12, 1976, a visitor to Lorraine Park Cemetery in the northwest periphery of Baltimore, Maryland discovered the strangled body of a young woman along a cemetery access road off Dogwood Road. She was wrapped in a hospital sheet and had a high amount of the drug chlorpromazine (a sedative) in her system. The case went cold, but not forgotten. Investigators finally identified her with a 2021 DNA analysis. Margaret’s father died in 2018, never knowing what happened to his daughter. Had she lived, she would be turning 63 years old on December 27, 2022. Time has made the search for a suspect difficult, but authorities remain dogged in their pursuit of justice in this case.